Cutting his teeth bouncing around the continent in the back of passenger vans as a touring music and skate photographer, Kolin got the taste for marketing and a life on the edge. Eventually becoming one of those “multi-hyphenate creative types” (he has two last names after all) and winning awards as a producer-strategist-creative director. Kolin brings a knack for solving problems in any form, big or small. Leading into a 8+ year career of sports and culture marketing working for brands such as Red Bull, Samsung, Filson, Royal Enfield, evo, Amazon, Starbucks, Dakine and more.

Believing intimacy and truth is the cornerstone of the best advertising, he’s made a habit of cracking open the ribs of brands, finding their beating heart and showing it to the world.

He’s currently based in the Seattle.

Shoot him an email at